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    Q. Are all of the balusters Update My Stairs offers in stock?
    1. A. Most popular style balusters are usually in stock at our local warehouse.  If your particular baluster is not in stock, the balusters will typically arrive within 5-7 business days once the order is placed. 

    Q. What is the standard wait time from price quote to install?
    1. A. Once the price quote is agreed upon and signed, the installation can be set for the most convenient time for you!  If the balusters you have chosen are in stock, we can install as soon as 3 days after the quote is completed.  If the balusters are not in stock, we can install your balusters 10 days after the quote. 

    Q. Does Update My Stairs offer any other balusters than the product lines on the web site?
    1. A. Yes!  We can get you any baluster you like or have found as long as it has not been discontinued.  The balusters we offer on our web site are a collection of the post popular, affordable and readily available balusters on the market. 

    Q. How long does a standard baluster replacement take?
    1. A. A standard baluster replacement swap, approximately 30-50 balusters, takes around 3 to 5 hours.  Since all of our balusters are cut off site, our installation is very short, fast, and clean. 

    Q. How do your dispose of the old balusters?
    1. A. All of the old balusters from your house are bagged and taken off site for proper disposal. 

    Q. Will the new balusters meet current building codes?
    1. A. All balusters are designed to meet current building codes.

    Q. Are all balusters offered in all finishes?
    1. A. No.  Not all balusters are offered in all finishes.  With different balusters coming from different manufactures, finishes vary from each baluster.  All of the balusters offered on our web site have a color code on the bottom of the image, so you can see what finished are available for each baluster. 

    Q. How are the new balusters set and secured in place?
    1. A. All of the newly installed balusters are installed with a high grade contact adhesive.  After 48 hours from the installation, the balusters will be completely set and solid as a rock. If any of the balusters happen to come loose in the future, simply give us a call and we will gladly come out and fix any loose balusters.  

    Q. Will the installer be removing the handrail to replace the balusters?
    1. A. No.  The handrail will never be removed for a baluster swap.  First, each old baluster is cut in half and pulled out of the rail.  Once all of the old balusters are taken out of the rail, the new balusters that are pre-cut will slide up and into the rail tight and secure. 


What we Offer

  • Iron baluster swaps

    What this means is, we can take out your existing wood (or metal) balusters and install (swap) new wrought iron balusters of your choice, all this with little to no mess and your existing rail does NOT need to be removed! [...]

  • Tread caps

    Tread caps are the economical and logical choice when you want that mill built stair with finished wood treads and risers, but you will still be using a carpet runner. These tread caps are much less expensive than installing a full tread and riser that you will be covering anyways! [...]

  • Wood refinishing

    Looking to darken your staircase woodwork, or just rejuvinate the tired old finish. From touch ups to toal refinishing we can make your project a sucess! [...]